18 Stunning Tropical Plants To Grow In Your Yard

For some reason that makes you can’t take a trip to the tropics, there are some ideas to make your backyard feel like an oasis instead. And this post today, we will recommend you, here are 18 Stunning Tropical Plants to Grow in Your Yard to help you remind the beautiful and warm sunny days with the clear blue sky.

Scrolling down, you will see that these tropical plants and flowers are just so unique and interesting to look at. They own different beauty and come in many fascinating colors including red, green, orange, purple, pink, white, etc… to upgrade any space in your garden or outdoor area. If you are attracted to them, why you don’t let some of them change the look of your garden and living spaces in a new way. Read on to find some that you love growing and suit the space of your garden!

#1 Hardy Japanese Banana (Musa basjoo)

Image Credits: Davesgarden

Hardy Japanese Banana (Musa basjoo) grow up to 13 feet tall and produce expansive green foliage like their tropical relatives. They are purely ornamental and won’t produce edible fruit.

#2 Jumbo Elephant Ears (Colocasia esculenta)

Image Credits: Americanmeadows

This southeast Asia plant produces massive leaves that add a wow factor to any garden. The leaves can reach over six feet tall, and the bulb roots have a mild taste similar to a potato.

#3 Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)

Image Credits: Gardenerspath

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is native to North America, it produces up to 30 pounds of yellow fruit each year that tastes like a blend of mangos and bananas.

#4 Clumping Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris)

Image Credits: Ruralsprout

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that works as a garden focal point, natural windbreak, or privacy fence. Most species of Bamboo will range from eight to 25 feet, and they typically do best with afternoon shade.

#5 Hardy Jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

Image Credits: Saga

Hardy Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) is a hardy variety that actually requires cold winters to bloom the following year. Give Jasmine vines plenty of water and direct sunlight, and train them up trellising for extra support.

#6 Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans)

Image Credits: Earthcareseeds

The vine thrives in USDA zones 4-9 and attracts hummingbirds. It is a favorite on trellises and pergolas, where it fills the canopy with tubular, tropical-looking flowers all summer.

#7 Jelly Palm (Butia capitata)

Image Credits: Gardenia

You can grow this plant in USDA Zones 6 and grow directly in the ground.

#8 Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea batatas)

Image Credits: Gardencrossings

Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea batatas) is fast-growing nature that makes it an ideal bedding plant anywhere with hot summer weather.

#9 Hardy Fuchsia (Fuchsia magellanica)

Image Credits: Plantsrescue

Hardy Fuchsia (Fuchsia magellanica) do best in USDA Zones 6-7. The plant is known for its pendant-like flowers that trail over branches that can grow up to ten feet tall.

#10 Toad Lily (Tricyrtis hirta)

Image Credits: Gardenia

Toad Lily (Tricyrtis hirta) blooms late in the summer and thrives in partially shaded spaces with rich soil. You can grow them throughout USDA Zones 4-9.

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