24 Brilliant DIY Recycled Garden Planters

There are some old items lying in mess around your home, and you don’t want to reuse them for some reason, maybe they are too old, or they didn’t fit your use purposes. The first thing that you will do is throw them out, right? Don’t do that when you are reading our posts today. Here we have some ideas to transform them into useful planters that you love trying for sure.
These ideas are perfect for creative lovers and also are easy to make at home without requiring any effort. These planters will become more beautifully and lively when combined with beautiful flowers or plants. They will give your garden a completely beautiful look that anyone will be surprised when coming to visit. Now, save them and simply fill up the soil and plant any plants, herbs, or flowers you want!

#1 Bird Cage Planter

This planter idea is a charming and whimsical garden decoration that repurposes vintage bird cages into unique plant displays. These enchanting creations combine the elegance of yesteryears with the beauty of nature, making them an eye-catching addition to any garden or outdoor space.

Source: Hubpages

By transforming an old bird cage into a planter, you can infuse your garden with a touch of nostalgia and a dash of creativity, all while providing a cozy home for your favorite plants and flowers. Whether suspended from a tree branch or placed on a tabletop, the bird cage planter is a delightful way to breathe new life into forgotten treasures while adding a touch of vintage allure to your outdoor oasis.

#2 Old Wash Tub And Bucket Planters

These planters offer a delightful blend of rustic charm and practicality in the realm of garden decor. These vintage relics, once used for washing clothes or carrying water, are ingeniously repurposed as creative plant containers.

Source: Laurie Allsop

You can transform these weathered wash tubs and buckets into planters, you infuse your garden with a touch of nostalgia and resourcefulness. These planters are perfect for showcasing an array of blooms, herbs, or shrubs, offering a unique and aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor space. Whether placed on a patio, or balcony or nestled among your garden beds, they will bring a touch of history and a dash of creativity to your garden.

#3 Tree Stump Planter

This natural planter is a creative way to incorporate the beauty of the great outdoors into your garden or landscape design. It makes use of old or fallen tree stumps, turning them into charming and eco-friendly containers for your favorite plants and flowers.

Source: Pinterest

Take advantage of the uses of tree stumps as planters, you seamlessly blend the rustic aesthetics of the forest with the vibrancy of your garden. These planters can be nestled beneath the canopy of a towering tree or positioned as a focal point in your yard, offering a unique and visually appealing addition to your outdoor space

#4 Garden Boot Planters

To infuse your garden with personality and charm, let’s try making the garden boot planter here. It celebrates both gardening and recycling, turning discarded footwear into a delightful canvas for your horticultural creativity while giving your garden a playful and colorful twist.

Source: Hubpages

The colorful and playful nature of these planters makes them a fun DIY project, especially for those looking to upcycle old footwear and infuse personality into their outdoor decor.

#5 Glass Bottle Flowerbed

This flower bed is a captivating and eco-friendly garden feature, exuding a unique and whimsical for a true visual delight in your outdoor space. This idea incorporates recycled glass bottles, often stacked higher on the ground to create a stunning and colorful border or focal point for your flower bed.

Source: Eatwell101

These bottles catch the sunlight and reflect it in mesmerizing ways, adding a touch of magic to your garden. The glass bottle flower bed not only promotes recycling and reusing materials but also allows you to showcase your creativity by selecting bottles in various shapes and colors.

#6 Umbrella Flower Planter

Don’t toss out your old umbrella. Save it and try turning it into the idea below. Using it as a planter by filling it with soil, not only showcases your gardening creativity but also recycles and breathes new life into old umbrellas, making it a sustainable and imaginative way to display your favorite plants and flowers.

Source: Boredpanda

The umbrella flower planter is a delightful and imaginative way to bring a burst of color and charm to your garden or outdoor space. By hanging an open umbrella with potted plants, you create a whimsical canopy of blooms that adds a touch of playfulness and artistry to your garden. These planters can be suspended from tree branches, porches, or pergolas, offering a unique and visually appealing addition to your outdoor decor.

#7 Boat Planter

Transform your old boat to give it a second life and use it as a flower planter! Simply fill it with soil and plant your favorite flowers. It will celebrate the beauty of the sea and also give new life to vintage vessels, offering an imaginative and visually captivating addition to your outdoor decor.

Source: Stylemepretty

Whether perched in a backyard garden, situated near a pond, or even adorning a patio, it promises to create a visually stunning display that adds character to your landscape.

#8 Recycled Rusted Old Bbq Pit Made A Lovely Planter

If your BBQ Pit is too old to use, don’t throw it out! Repurposing it and turning it into your own beautiful flower planter version. The rusted, weathered appearance of the BBQ pit adds a unique charm to the planter, creating a visually captivating and eye-catching feature in your outdoor space.

Source: Debbi Brady

This recycling project is not just about gardening; it’s also a testament to the potential for beauty in unexpected places. It uses an old and weathered BBQ pit into a striking and rustic planter. It is a brilliant example of upcycling and a testament to the beauty of transformation to grow your favorite plants and flowers.

#9 Mini Tin Can Planters

These mini planters are a creative and eco-friendly way to bring a touch of greenery into even the smallest of spaces. These charming planters repurpose empty tin cans into tiny containers for your favorite plants and herbs. They are incredibly versatile, fitting on windowsills, shelves, or outdoor tables, making them perfect for urban gardens or apartments with limited space.

Source: Bhg

You can upcycle these everyday items to reduce waste while adding a rustic and industrial aesthetic to your garden or indoor decor. These pint-sized planters offer an imaginative and budget-friendly approach to gardening, turning discarded cans into delightful showcases for your favorite botanical treasures.

#10 Hanging Plastic Bottle Planters

To create a lush, space-saving garden, the hanging vertical plastic bottle planters are a clever and sustainable way. This gardening idea transforms used plastic bottles into vertical plant containers that can be suspended from walls, allowing you to grow an array of plants, flowers, or herbs vertically.

Source: Dengarden

By repurposing these bottles, you not only reduce plastic waste but also design an eye-catching, green tapestry. This eco-friendly approach combines recycling with gardening creativity, turning discarded materials into a living work of art that breathes new life into your outdoor or indoor space.

#11 Turn an Old Tire Into a Pretty Planter

If you are looking for ideas to adorn your front yard, try making the easy and cheap planter here. The pretty planter is a brilliant and eco-friendly DIY project that can transform a discarded tire into a visually captivating garden feature.

Source: Hgtv

This creative project repurposes old tires by painting them and filling them with colorful plants and flowers, offering a charming and budget-friendly way to enhance your front yard’s aesthetic.

#12 Raised Veggie Gardens In Recycled Wheelbarrows

Have you ever harvested green and organic vegetables in repurposed gardens? Using rusty and unused wheelbarrows to grow your own vegetables in limited space is a clever and eco-friendly way to enjoy the natural result right at your home.

Source: Hubpages

This creative gardening idea repurposes old and retired wheelbarrows, transforming them into portable, raised garden beds for growing a variety of vegetables and herbs. In addition, you also take advantage of the convenience of movable gardens, making it easier to position your plants in the sunniest spots. Raised Veggie Gardens in Recycled Wheelbarrows offer a fun and innovative approach to urban gardening, turning discarded wheelbarrows into productive and visually charming vegetable gardens.

#13 PVC Pipe Planter

Using PVC pipes as planters is a modern and space-efficient gardening solution that combines creativity with functionality. You can use repurposed PVC pipes or buy them new to create a vertical garden that can be suspended from a fence, wall, or any suitable structure in your front yard.

Source: Pinterest

The hanging PVC pipe planter allows you to grow a variety of plants, flowers, or herbs in a compact, vertical fashion, making it ideal for urban gardens or homes with limited front yard space. By transforming these readily available materials, you can optimize your garden space and add a contemporary touch to your outdoor decor.

#14 Topsy Turvy Galvanized Buckets

This tower planter is a whimsical and eye-catching addition to any garden or outdoor space. The unique flower display takes vintage galvanized buckets and stacks them in a playful, topsy-turvy manner, creating a vertical tower for your favorite plants and flowers.

Source: Cottageatthecrossroads

By repurposing these classic buckets, you infuse your garden with a touch of rustic charm and creativity. The tiered design of these planters adds visual interest and provides an excellent solution for growing multiple plants in a compact space. Whether placed on a patio, deck, or nestled in your garden, they offer a delightful and aesthetically pleasing way for your space.

#15 Garbage Can Flower Planter

This innovative project transforms old and unused garbage cans into striking and practical plant containers for your favorite flowers and plants.

Source: Hubpages

The planters are incredibly versatile, and suitable for both urban gardens and larger landscapes, offering a cost-effective and creative approach to horticulture. This recycling endeavor showcases your gardening creativity and breathes new life into discarded items, providing a visually captivating addition to your outdoor space.

#16 Reclaimed Ladder With Homemade Drawer Planters

These planters are a charming and resourceful gardening project that repurposes an old ladder and homemade drawers into an artistic and functional garden feature. The combination of the ladder’s rustic appeal and the DIY drawers provides an excellent platform for showcasing your favorite plants, herbs, or flowers.

Source: Amber Rogers

By upcycling an old ladder and constructing homemade drawers, you can create a unique plant display that adds character to your garden or outdoor space.

#17 Chandelier Planter

This chandelier planter idea is a creative and elegant way to add a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to your outdoor space. This unique gardening concept repurposes old or vintage chandeliers into ornate plant containers, suspending a touch of luxury amidst your garden or patio.

Source: Homehacks

They can be adorned with a variety of plants and flowers, offering a captivating centerpiece that transforms your garden into a sophisticated oasis. These planters symbolize a harmonious blend of artistry and nature, showcasing your creativity while creating an enchanting and artistic addition to your landscape.

#18 Lovely Pink Painted Old Chair Planter

If your garage has an old chair, take it out, and renew it by giving it a fresh coat of pink paint, then filling it with soil and grow your favorite flowers. These eye-catching planters provide a unique and visually appealing addition to your outdoor space, adding a pop of color and a dash of elegance.

Source: Pinterest

Whether placed in your garden, on a patio, or even as a decorative piece on a porch, the projects will light up your space. Are you ready to upgrade your garden with a lively look by transforming a discarded, vintage chair into a charming display for your favorite plants and flowers?

#19 Bicycle Planter

This creative gardening concept repurposes an old bicycle into a unique and eye-catching display for your favorite plants and flowers. Simply, giving the bicycle a fresh coat of paint and adding plant containers to its frame and baskets, you transform it into a playful and functional garden art piece.

Source: Homestratosphere

The planter offers a whimsical and artistic way to bring a touch of vintage charm to your garden or outdoor space, breathing new life into a forgotten mode of transportation and providing a visually captivating and aesthetically pleasing addition to your space decor.

#20 Wheelbarrow Planters

These weathered and aged wheelbarrows, instead of being discarded, are creatively repurposed to serve as charming containers for your favorite plants and flowers. By allowing the rust and patina to remain, you infuse your garden with a sense of history and a touch of artistry.

Source: Pinterest

The rusty appearance of these wheelbarrows adds a unique and visually appealing dimension to your outdoor decor, offering a nod to the passage of time and the beauty that can be found in decay.

#21 Old Pallet Wall Planter

Repurposes discarded wooden pallets into functional and visually appealing vertical gardens. The rustic appearance of the pallets adds a touch of natural charm, while the vertical design maximizes your gardening space.

Source: Pinterest

Whether hung on a wall, leaned against a fence, or freestanding in your garden, these planters offer a creative and sustainable approach to urban gardening. You not only reduce waste but also create a unique and space-saving way to display your favorite plants, flowers, or herbs.

#22 Old Jean Planter

When you plan to recycle old jeans, this also is the time you join in reducing textile waste and creating a fun as well as visually appealing addition to your garden or outdoor space. The sturdy denim fabric provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing canvas for your favorite plants or flowers.

Source: Engineeringdiscoveries

You can hang them everywhere from a fence, balcony, or suspended from a hook, they will offer an imaginative and budget-friendly approach to gardening, turning discarded clothing into a delightful showcase for your botanical treasures, while adding a touch of denim style to your garden decor.

#23 Use of Old Mailbox

The spilling flower bed is a charming and inventive garden feature that recycles retired mailboxes into whimsical plant containers. This creative project brings a touch of nostalgia to your garden, turning these functional relics into delightful showcases for your favorite plants and flowers.

Source: Linda Schrankel

You can use an old mailbox to add a unique and eye-catching element to your outdoor space. The mailbox’s rustic appeal, combined with the overflowing flora, creates a visually captivating and aesthetically pleasing display.

#24 Watering Can Planter

This gardening idea repurposes retired wine barrels into unique and eye-catching plant containers, not only reducing waste but also infusing your garden with a touch of vintage elegance.

Source: Pinterest

The rich patina and character of the barrel wood add a warm and inviting aesthetic to your garden decor. It brings a versatile and aesthetically pleasing approach to showcasing your favorite plants, flowers, or herbs.

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