26 Great Houseplants To Grow In Water Vases

The best indoor plants serve as natural air filters. They give our houses more liveliness and uplift our spirits. They are stunning in every way. However, some of us are fighting to maintain their lifespan. Indoor plants are most frequently harmed by either being waterlogged or aridity. However, if you could see the water levels, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore, would it? Yes, I’m referring to hydroponically cultivating them.

A recent fad is growing plants in water. You don’t have to face the mud. If your plants are sufficiently thirsty, you don’t need to poke your fingers in for checking. As less soil also means fewer diseases and bugs to worry about, that’s why plants in water are superior. The most astounding thing is that roots can also be seen growing. It serves a therapeutic purpose. Moreover, beautiful colored glass vases are now available to provide a decorative element.

Now let’s discover the beauty of these water plants!

#1. Heart Leaf Philodendron

Source: House Fur

#2. Lucky Bamboo

Source: The Spruce

#3. Pothos

Source: Gardener’s Path

#4. Chinese Evergreen & Dumbcane

Source: Morning Lazziness

#5. Spider Plant

Source: Aloe of the Plants

#6. Arrowhead Plant

Source: Balcony Garden Web

#7. Coleus

Source: Pinterest

#8. Wandering Jew

Source: Etsy

#9. Dracaena

Source: linlininteriors

#10. Croton

Source: You Tube

#11. Impatiens

Source: The Spruce

#12. Begonia

Source: Just Houseplants

#13. Paperwhite

Source: Midwest Living

#14. Ornamental Sweet Potato

Source: Gardening Know How

#15. English Ivy

Source: Permanent Procastination

#16. Caladium

Source: Balcony Garden Web

#17. Alocasia

Source: Olle Eriksson

#18. Ti Plant

Source: Lashkar

#19. Hoya Carnosa

Source: My Tasteful Space

#20. Moth Orchid

Source: Lya Solis

#21. Prayer Plant

Source: Reddit

#22. Aluminum Plant

Source: GV Salt

#23. Chinese Money Plant

Source: BabyLNTS

#24. Monstera

Source: Balcony Garden Web

#25. Mint

Source: small green things

#26. Anthurium

Source: Sublime Fleuriste

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