Easy-to-make Spiral Garden Ideas

Growing a herb garden not only gives your outdoor space something nice but also maintains bringing fresh herbs all year. There are many types of herbs including basil, chives, dill, cilantro, mint, thyme, and oregano you can choose from. However, you can grow all in one place by installing a spiral garden and creating separate layers for every herb. Not only vegetables, or herbs, even wildflowers look lovely planting in tiles.

And in the post, we present you with Easy-to-make Spiral Garden Ideas. Although they are simple ideas, they can give a new look to some corner of your garden. They are a fun alternative to an ordinary raised bed. Your spiral garden can be constructed in any desired size and with a variety of materials. From rocks, stones, old bricks, wooden pieces, and more, making it a great way to add an architectural element to small or large garden spaces. Now, check them out to build your own!

#1 Old Brick Spiral Garden

Source: Goodshomedesign

#2 Wooden Pieces Spiral Garden

Source: Flickr

#3 Herb Spiral Made Out Of Broken Roof Tiles

Source: Pinterest

#4 Gabion Herb Spiral Garden

Source: Gabionbarriers

#5 Gabion Herb Spiral Made Out Of Rocks

Source: CL2

#6 Gabion Flower Spiral Garden With Old Items And Moss

Source: Sowanddipity

#7 Spiral Garden With Recycled Bottles

Source: Elizabeth Anna

#8 Bamboo Spiral Garden

Source: JD McCue

#9 Steel Spiral Garden

Source: Exteriorscapes

#10 Wooden Spiral Garden

Source: Blessmyweeds

#11 Spiral Herb Garden Made From Stones And Rocks

Source: Ohmy-creative

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