Garden Decoration Ideas By Using Branches and Logs

If you are finding something to make out of logs and branches, try some of the 16 brilliant ideas below. Instead of pulling out the chainsaw and making them into firewood, let your woodchipper transform all old tree parts into decorative art. Whether they are tree removal projects or the result of the latest windstorm to whip through your town that has gifted your property with a bounty of branches, they all are great natural gifts to be turned into your own ingenious works of art.

Thanks to rustic and close beauty, they can stir up any outdoor space without going overboard or breaking your budget. Even better, these organic touches lend an easy, elegance that simply can’t be bought. Are you ready to give your garden a quirky makeover by crafting these stunning and easy DIY Projects? Keep reading to find some that you love, try them, and see the interesting things!

#1 A Natural Wind Chime

Source: Makeandtakes

#2 Ladder Made From White Birch Branches

Source: Pinterest

#3 Twig Ball Hanging Garden Art

Source: Hometalk

#4 Flowers in Tree Stump

Source: Elizabeth Stewart

#5 A Fairy World

Source: Pintererst

#6 A Tree Stump Water Feature

Source: Matt Larrañaga

#7 Log Planter

Source: Giselma Teixeira

#8 Pretty Plant Pot

Source: Wendy Orozco

#9 Santa Logs

Source: Olena Kalashnyk

#10 Man And Woman In Love

Source: Pinterest

#11 DIY Succulent Planter

Source: Hometalk

#12 Log Candle Holder

Source: Pinterest

#13 Beautiful Lighting Idea

Source: Lushome

#14 Garden Structures Made With Sticks And Branches

Source: Susan Cole

#15 Unique Garden Fence

Source: Pinterest

#16 Fun Painted Tree Stump Idea

Source: Lushome

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